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2010 Ford Taurus SHO


Paulo Lustosa
Good guys night after missing a few times, I returned. Before speaking I left the blog, the following happened. I had a health problem, which is cerebral aneurysm, by the way, I still have, since one can not be moved outside even my separation with my wife, as it would apply me a blow that I was going to lose all goods I won since I was 13 years old working and studying, and so I was in no mood for things. Well, due to a stimulus of my friends, like Le França, Lucas Macedo, Hugo Figueredo, Nando Barcellos, Anthony Barcellos, Thiago Nunes (Thiaagoo 3D) and more people, who encouraged me in whatsapp, I returned to this Ford Taurus SHO in 2010 I made the conversion of Forza Motorsport 4 and will carry the car for GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and believe it or not, GTA V. Well, the mod once ready will not download, for the reason that a vlogger Brazil made the video of Thiago Goal for GTA V without posting credits none in the description and not quote the author, had yet to retaliation by the vlogger's followers who wanted the head of Thiago due to strike the vlogger took, and it will not download. Follow prints there:

Credits: Turn 10 Studios, Paulo H., Simmons, Martin and me.

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